We believe that our companion animals are family and deserve to eat just as healthy as we do!

Doggylicious Gourmet makes it easy to cook one meal to feed both canine and human, saving you time and energy.

We are your resource for fun, healthy family recipes for dogs.

Doggylicious Gourmet can help you integrate your dogs dietary needs with your own dietary needs.

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Why all natural food?

Why all natural food? Have your doggy eating HEALTHY! Fresh ingredients create an irresistible meal your dog will be sure to “Love from the first bite!” Promote healthy COAT  and SKIN Stronger IMMUNE SYSTEM Better assimilation of nutrients Reduces or...

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Safe and Dangerous Foods for Dogs & Cats

Safe and Dangerous Foods for Dogs & Cats Many foods that are healthy for us could be included in your pet food including organic or grass fed, preferably locally grown: GOOD Meats - chicken, turkey, rabbit, duck, goose, bison. Fish - salmon,...

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Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading Knowledge is power for making healthier choices for your furry family members.  I recommend the following educational books for your reference. Richard H. Pitcairn, DVM, PhD, and Susan Hubble Pitcairn. "Dr. Pitcairn's...

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How to Read Labels

How to Read Labels We love our dogs and want them to live long, healthy, and happy lives.  Most dog owners treat their furry friends as members of the family - taking them on long walks, vacations, providing comfy beds, fun toys, lots of love,...

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How to Introduce Fresh Meals into Your Dogs life

Recommendation for feeding Introduce new food slowly and patiently: 25% fresh food/75% old food for first 7-14 days 50/50% for another 7-14 days 75/25% until pet is comfortable Can use as a Hybrid diet 50% fresh food and 50% old natural healthy...

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TOP 5 REASONS to feed your dog All Natural Food

1.) Promote healthy COAT and SKIN
2.) Stronger IMMUNE SYSTEM

Doggylicious Gourmet  wishes all your family pets healthy, happy and long lives.