Doggylicious Testimonials

“When I met Marina my young cavalier had just started limping. Marina was so supportive and really wanted to help us. We immediately started adding organic Doggyliciois Gourmet food to her diet as well as our veterinarian to keep on top of her health and progress. We later found out she has a congenital elbow deformity, which is something most dogs live with forever when diagnosed and a small percentage of owners go ahead with a reparative surgery. Out of the goodness of her heart, Marina went a step beyond by personally researching, consulting other professionals, and trying new things to get our dog better AND IT WORKED!!!! Now after 4 months of her wonderful meals I am happy to say my cavalier is limp free! I’m sure her new diet has improved my beautiful cavaliers life!”

“My husband and I have two dogs. One is a Pekingese and the other is a Morkie. The Pekingese is a picky eater and the Morkie has allergies that cause bad skin problems. We have tried just about every brand of food. We have taken the Morkie to multiple doctors who have each offered their own opinion of which brand of food would cure his allergies yet nothing has helped until Marina’s dog food. Marina’s dog food is natural and organic. Not only do both dogs love it, so do we! We have now been using Marina’s dog food for about 3 months and the Morkie has shown signs of healthier skin, weight loss, and they have become more active at the dog park. And for an added bonus, the Pekingese is eager to eat his food and has stopped showing signs of being a picky eater.

It is most definitely worth the extra cost for food to have both of our dogs eating healthy, being more active, and living a better life.”

Doggylicious Gourmet  wishes all your family pets healthy, happy and long lives.