Meet Teddy & Marina

Marina’s is a Holistic Chef for animals, Canine Clinical Nutritionist, and enthusiast. With BS degree form SFSU, Doctorate of Natural Health program from Clayton College of Natural Health background, and certification from GCNH and CCN from Integrative Vet Education she is  currently continuing her advance education and working with award winning veterinarian Dr. Ava Frick, DVM. She writes for  local  publication, creates healthy organic species appropriate diets and meals, and helps with identifying individual dogs’ nutritional requirements and needs by using many advanced and simple techniques and tests.

Doggylicious gourmet was inspired and well tested by Marina Dulman’s little, smart and beautiful 8 pound dog Teddy. He changed their lives in many different ways with his love, sweetness, devotion and kindness. When he got sick with rare HGE disease, the cause of which is unknown, the doctors recommended a homemade diet with low protein to help his kidneys recover.

That was the moment when the road to learning everything possible about doggy nutrition started for Marina. She had a sudden urge to start cooking again and her passion grew. Creating dishes that were natural and nutritious made her and her friends (and now their little friends) feel more healthy and happy, thus Doggylicious Gourmet meals started to be eaten by all the little doggy’s in the neighborhood.

The biggest moment of inspiration when creating this FRESH and Natural homemade food came when her lovely doggy, Teddy’s health and behavior improved exponentially, which was simply amazing—the blood tests became normal, his appetite improved, and his allergies/ scratching were just a scary memory. The most interesting change was his overall well-being—he became happy, social, and more relaxed.

Now not only is Teddy her inspiration, but also her personal food taste tester! As Marina puts it, “He is THE pickiest little dog in the world! The universe has a funny way of evening things out, well with having Teddy the picky on one side and on the other side is my relaxed husband and my children.” Yes, Teddy is picky and even he LOVES everything Marina makes that is FRESH, it was “Love from the first bite!”

Doggylicious Gourmet can help you integrate your dogs dietary needs with your own dietary needs.

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