Doggylicious Gourmet is happy and honored to offer the following services for your family pets:

  • Commercial diets evaluation and recommendations
  • Adding on fresh, organic food to your pet commercial diet ( HYBRID diet) evaluation and recommendations  for overall health improvement
  • Customized nutritional plan for specific needs and conditions including:

- weight management,  allergies, arthritis
- aging, skin and teeth problems
- Many more health conditions associated with poor nutrition and mineral deficiencies

  • Offering the following testing and evaluation :
- mineral and vitamin deficiencies – fur and saliva test and clinical nutrition evaluation
- allergies and food sensitivities
- organ distress
- specific whole food supplementation including Standard Process and Endo Met.
  • Freshly prepared organic and natural homemade meals or customized fresh meals to use as a Hybrid or part of balanced meal plan.
Doggylicious Gourmet  wishes all your family pets healthy, happy and long lives.
Please, schedule your 30 minutes free consultation and discovery session at or call ( 650) 433-4590.