How to introduce all natural food

Recommendation for feeding

– Serve food 2 times per day
– Remove food after 20 MINUTES (30min for cats)
– Introduce new food slowly and patiently:
25% Doggylicious Gourmet/75 % old food for first 7-14 days
50/50% for another 7-14 days
75/25% until pet is comfortable
– Can use as a Hybrid diet 50% Doggylicious Gourmet food and 50% old natural healthy kibbles
– The SHELF LIFE of this food is 3-4 days
– Adjust amount of food based on pets activity level, age, and seasons
– Check your dog’s WEIGHT often and adjust as needed (Adjust up or down by 25% of serving size)
– Serve food WARM or room temperature
TREATS should only account for 10% of doggy’s daily calories
– Never serve cooked chicken bones
– Don’t feed your doggy food that contains fillers, which includes corn, wheat, rice, potatoes, by-products, chemicals, preservatives, sugars, coloring agents, or excessive amounts of salt.

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